Why is SEO a Key Necessity for all Websites

Search engine optimization or SEO is arguably one of the most significant factors that help siphon traffic towards a website. If search engine optimization is properly done, the target audience for which the site has been set up may well end up staying on the site for as long as you want them to do so. However, on the other hand, if your site’s SEO needs are not taken care of the way they should have been, then there is an off chance that the site will not be able to gather the required hits and conversions, irrespective of how aesthetically appealing its overall design may be.

However, a point to be noted here is that SEO technologies and trends are constantly changing and this is why whatever may well have worked scarcely a short time ago, may no longer have the near critical importance it used to have back then. This is why it is always deemed prudent to not just keep up, but to essentially try to get ahead of the times in an otherwise exceedingly fast-paced market.

However, regardless of how times may change, some aspects of SEO always tend to remain constant regardless of all other indicators.

  • Keyword remains the ‘key’

During the past few years, terms such as ‘anchor text’, ‘focus keyword’ ‘meta keywords, and meta descriptions, have been all the rage. As a matter of fact, keyword density has always been of seminal importance as far as a well-rounded SEO strategy is concerned. While it is certainly as important as it has ever been to this day, nevertheless it is now being progressively overshadowed by the increasing reliance and focus on using that ‘just right’ keyword.

Any company running its website and desirous of attracting traffic has to do its own homework beforehand, so as to be in a good position to figure out precisely what those right keywords are.

In fact, it is important to note that preferences that are determined by’ user intent’ rather than mere volume by itself are the best means of acquiring the kind of hits on your site that that you really need. This is due to the fact that the average web surfer today is both knowledgeable as well as net savvy to boot. Such an individual knows exactly what it, is that they are looking for and what’s in the bargain.

In fact, it is precisely due to this tendency as displayed by the target audience that many online businesses and other websites are trying to their level best to optimize their SEO content around the core requirements of their respective target audiences. This eventuality has come to pass only because the vast majority of popular search engines today (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to quote but a few) have actually ‘learnt’ the ability to be able to really differentiate between the ‘quality’ vis-a-vis the ‘quantity’ of the keywords in just about any web site’s content. This is where companies like Web Design499 come into the picture because their dedicated SEO specialists can generate the relevant keywords to ensure that your site remains ever popular in its respective segment.

After all, centering your website around a specific set of keywords would serve to ensure that your site is a rich source of information and the people who visit the site really want to know and understand the data you are showcasing on your site. This, in turn, would lead to the dissemination of the kind of knowledge they wish to read and so help generate really great content that will actually be read and shared. When that happens, the ranking of your site will automatically increase and climb steadily higher in the ratings of the more commonly used search engines.

  • Local listings are always better than global ones

Let us consider the following example:

Mr. John Smith lives in Miami, Florida and wants a bouquet of flowers delivered to his wife on their wedding anniversary. He logs on to the internet from his office workstation and commences looking for online flower retail outlets. He likes a beautiful bouquet and clicks on it, only to find out that the outlet only delivers in Kissimmee. The time spent on the search is wasted as he redirects his query to Miami flower outlets till he finds the right one.

Here, the Kissimmee outlet did get a hit from a prospective customer, but the hit could never have led to a conversion because it was from a different geographical area. While, from the customer point of view, all hits beyond his immediate geographical location were useless and a waste of time.

This is due to the fact that whenever a web browser is searching for any highly specific piece of information, the odds are that he wants that information to cater to his own location rather than at the global level. This way, even you will be able to optimize your SEO strategy to specifically concentrate on geographical locations where you own and operate your business so as to attract only the right audience that is relevant to your target market.

In spite of the rapid changes of technology and the subsequent jump from workstations and laptops to smartphones and other hand held devices, the fact remains that SEO is still much relevant in generating hits from browsers who may then go on to become your loyal customers. In fact, SEO is even more important today because it helps the target audience understand who is market it and how to avoid the huge amount of clutter that is present online so as to be able to hone directly on to the information they seek.

We, at WebDesign499, are here to provide the very best SEO services in the South Florida region as well as the rest of the country. We are a highly-motivated SEO agency with a proven track record of generating high volumes of hits for our valued clients.


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