What Your Need To Know About GDPR and How It Can Affect Your Business

People are now more aware of the power of their own data, and how data collection can compromise their security in the wrong hands. With data breach plastered in the headlines, it is just right for web users to secure their personal information.

The future is bright; the coming weeks look set to welcome a new approach to data protection where we all can experience privacy at its finest.

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is coming, set to go into effect on May 25. It will alter the way businesses collect and store employee and client information, and there will be penalties for those who do not comply.

GDPR: What Is It?

In early 2012, the European Commission made plans to reform data protection policies across the European Union to meet the goal of making Europe highly equipped for the digital age. This month, we will finally see these policies enforced.

GDPR will provide a unified set of rules on how data is processed in the EU, making it easier to perform and grow business. These new set of rules aims to improve consumer confidence; that they have total control over their own data.

The implementation of GDPR follows the distressing news that almost 60% of British online users don’t feel comfortable sharing their personal information online. Furthermore, almost 50% of users are unwilling to share personal data online and give companies access to it, due to the probability of fraud, which in the United Kingdom is rampant online.

GDPR will help consumers by:

  1. Giving them the full right to demand the data that businesses have collected
  2. Enabling consumers to have more trust and faith in the brands that they favor
  3. Allowing businesses to be wiser of their data-collection policy
  4. Encouraging companies to focus on a better quality of service and building trust in compliance with the GDPR rules

How GDPR Will Affect Businesses

No matter who we are and what we do, information security will always be our protecting concept. In all organizations like schools, hospitals, banks, private establishments and others, protecting information is and will always be a must on everything that we do.

It may be a thing, hardware or a code (like passwords); still this mainly helps us protect all our important information and even systems in our computer from any unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification and even from destruction. Aside from protecting information from not permitted individuals, this also helps us gain and strengthen our privacy and prevention from any identity theft issues.

Having all these mind, the implementation of GDPR means that business owners must protect the interest of its customers, especially if the data collected includes sexual orientation, political alignment, religion, race, and health. Businesses must give customers the option to opt out of any marketing and research activities, as well as give them the right to delete personal information that that an organization has on them.

With the data you have on your customers, you must give them the access to it as well, and they have the right to share this information to another company if they have to. If there is a security breach, it is your responsibility to inform customers, especially if it has any effect on their data. You cannot also use customer data without their consent.

Overall, companies and businesses must ensure that they meet the demands of GDPR in order to build trust and respect from their customers.

GDPR: A Better Business Model

It is never an easy thing to move in a world where almost everything is digitalized. Though the convenience is there, the threats are also around. In this case,it is just a good move to think of ways in protecting what you have from other people’s access. You will never know that someone is already stealing information from you, which they can possibly use against you. This is very dangerous if it is related to your business. You might get into serious trouble if you cannot do something to strengthen the security of your information.

Such situations can be prevented if you know what techniques you have to utilize to increase the security of your network and provide your customers their privacy. You have to be aware with the possible effects if other people can break in to your network. Listed below are several consequences that you might go through if you failed to protect the information that should be confidential.

Consequences To Not Protecting Your Network

  • They might destroy your company’s reputation.
  • Your customers will start to decrease in numbers resulting to poor performance.
  • Your competitors might surpass you.
  • You have to be prepared for the occurrence of identity theft.
  • Your system might suddenly crash because of the presence of virus or malware.
  • You are allowing hackers to track down your online activities. 

Guidelines That You Should Follow to Remain Secure

  • Categorize the files you have with the levels of their importance.
  • You have to set a procedure on how you can access each file.
  • You have to inform other people whom you allowed to access the file about the procedures.
  • Always make sure you follow the new GDPR rules.

Information security is indeed crucial for internet users especially those who are managing their own business online. If you overlook this necessity then it would be hard for you to attain success and preserve an excellent standing in the World Wide Web.

Better Information Security with GDPR

We all know for sure that the Internet does not stand alone without its “dark side”. Since we view too much from its greater advancement and get excited and curious from what it offers to us, we tend to easily neglect keeping our private information to ourselves, most especially when applying or registering on to websites with questionable standards and uses.

If we always do these things hastily then it will always be possible for us or our names being involved in random hideous internet crimes where our names tag along, or worse on identity theft where the criminal will be able to access all our private information and our bank accounts as well without knowing where and how they are able to get a hand from it. 

Identity Theft vs. Identity Fraud

The differences are quite easy to pinpoint, as you can see, an identity theft means someone is acting as you where he or she has all your private information like on your driver’s license, credits cards, employment identification and more. From that fact, the theft basically will take advantage of what you have used it on the theft’s own expense. Whilst on identity fraud, it involves that someone is using your name on charging their goods on your credit card or transfer charges on your identity.

Majority of such crimes come from hijacking personal computers with no information security built on it. Once a personal computer is hijacked, the attacker will be able to have full access in every single information on your computer, making your identity more vulnerable without you even knowing it.

Preventing Cyber Crimes

  • Always be careful on the websites that you open

As much as possible, always make sure your computer has a secured program and prevent yourself from navigating unsafe websites. You can try opening sites like a scam advisory site that helps you track down websites that are safe to use and opened.

  • Read a lot of reviews

If you are not sure about a certain website were you need to fill in your credit card information then please do trust on that instinct. Before you encode any personal information, make sure you have a read a lot of reviews about the certain site about its safety and security. Also do be careful about key-loggers. It is actually like parasitic software program that watches you type and sends the information into a certain location where yours will absolutely be spied upon.

  • Technology evolves everyday

If you notice technology has been evolving and almost every day there are new technology that is being developed. This also applies to the internet. The World Wide Web is like an evolving organism and it keeps evolving every day. In order to keep up with all of the advancement, your security system also needs to be updated with the latest cyber security system.

Without constant updates, your security system might not be able to keep up with the internet updates and might be vulnerable to attacks. Once your internet security is breached, hackers might be able to access your network and within seconds, information can be stolen and if you are running a business, then not only will your information be stolen but also your customers as well.

  • Updates can also enhance your security software

Some updates can enhance your network security and add in a few features so that it can be easy to operate your security software. Some updates that might change your system might take a while depending on the size of the update.

Updates can bring in a new set of features that can enhance the security of your computer and make sure that you are always protected 24/7 and if you have a wireless network, some updates can also enhance the security of your wireless network as well so that it cannot be breached by hackers and cyber criminals that try to access your network using Wi-Fi connection.

  • Old network security definitions can be breached easily

Imagine you have not updated your network security for a few weeks. Even if it is just weeks, it can feel that you are already years behind. Viruses and other malware take advantage of poorly updated security software and if you do not update from time to time, malware, spyware and other viruses can infect your computer and can easily spread in your network and can send information back to hackers and before you know it you are already a victim of online theft.

How Can You Increase Information Security?

With GDPR on its way, online users can now expect enhanced security in terms of their personal data. However, this doesn’t mean that we should all leave it to GDPR to secure our online information. Consumers must also be always vigilant and well aware of their online behavior in order to avoid the probability of cyber crimes.

Everything that is now found online is very vulnerable to being used without authority especially among people who do not even know the meaning of privacy. You try everything you can to store all your files in private thinking that no one will know about it but you are mistaken because there are people who have fun whenever they see other people suffer from shame.

Exposure to risk is very common online or even when you are only using a computer. The knowledge about this risk should push you to do something to avoid it. Finding a way is very easy because there are many that you can choose from.

Install trusted security software

The existence of these threats is not new and there are companies whose main goal is to help other people who are exposed to these risks. If you want to keep yourself protected, you can install computer security software so that you can be assured that you are using your computer safely. But it remains a fact that you can only be totally protected depending upon the service provider that you have chosen. Be sure to install only a software which you know can perform its function well.

Update your software whenever there is an available update

See to it that your software is always updated. Whenever, there is an available update, see to it that you can update your software so that it won’t become outdated and it can function based on the latest function that it has. It is better if it is constantly updated because you will be given an assurance that recent developments were made to make it function better. Unauthorized access of important accounts can happen so you better stay away from it.

Back up your data

By simply backing up your data frequently, you can help yourself a lot. This way, it can give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you still have a copy left on your files in case something undesirable happens to your computer. You will never know when it will going to affect you so you better be prepared at all times. Imagine yourself how you will react when all of a sudden all data from your computer were corrupted and you haven’t saved anything yet. It will indeed become a very huge problem because you don’t know how to get all those again.

Simple ways to avoid further threat

  • Pick a strong password – Whether it is for your online or computer user account, it should be something that is very difficult to guess about so that it won’t be easy to be detected.
  • Keep your password to yourself – Keep it a secret and do not tell anyone about it because the moment another person knows about it, it is now a shared information.
  • Know to weigh things – There are different links that can be found online but not all of them are trusted enough. Some of it are just meant for spreading viruses.

Enhanced Security Software and Cyber Insurance in the GDPR Age

We may never know when will be the next attack that may possibly ruin your computer or files that contain personal data. No matter how seemingly convinced you can be because you may have already installed an anti-virus program or any other means that will better protect your files and PC, still, you are very much vulnerable to other online attacks. And it is of this reason that we need GDPR.

But why? Internet security is still internet security and the mere fact that you have already installed it would provide you enough reason that you should really be protected. Should this be how you see it? While most people think this way, there is still a greater concern as to why you need to update your internet security.

Consider this, why do clinics always issue newer vaccines for kids every now and then? It is because there are newly introduced viruses and other possibly mutating airborne viruses that are however impenetrable to the current immunization that they have already created for children. Thus, even though your kid is already immunized, then he is still at risk of viral infection so long as there will always be newer virus airborne that will be introduced.

This is also the same concept being applied in internet security. Below are even more reasons why.

  • Ensure early detection

If your internet security is updated, it will be able to detect early on that there is a possible threat on your computer. Thus, you will be able to right away address this issue.

  • Allow more accessibility on newer features

You will be able to gain access to newer features in the software should you continually update it. And this is very much true. If you notice, an old antivirus software will only provide limited features as compared to the updated one. So that will also be an added bonus on your part.

  • You can opt for better internet security options

Once you are aware of the updates, you would also be able to compare one antivirus system over the other update on another antivirus system. In this way, you would be able to compare which features provide you the most help depending on the nature and activity on your computer.

Why People Should Be Aware of GDPR

There is no doubt that our lives are much better today that it was a centuries ago. A lot of technological advancements have allowed us to live comfortably and to make a lot of the things we do so much easier. However, this is only just a beginning. It seems that man has only scratched the surface when it comes to technological innovations. There is a lot more than we can expect, which is why a lot of people are looking forward to the latest information security news — in this case, GDPR. It is actually good to be updated when it comes to changes on the web and how we can be equipped and ready for it. Below are the reasons why.

GDPR Improves Productivity

One of the main reasons why people innovate and create things is to make their lives easier and to improve their productivity. This is why it is also important to be well-informed about GDPR in order to grab the earliest possible chance to apply those innovations in our lives. Businesses are actually at the forefront of this kind of thinking. A lot of businesses have dedicated research arms to look for innovations and create new products that will improve their process and increase their profit.

GDPR Improves Lives

Another reason why GDPR is important is because these new set of rules will improve our lives. Imagine if the cyber security and protection was not invented or even if it was, think of what will happen if only a few people have access and know how to use it? The world would be a lot different, wouldn’t it? That is why it is important the people immerse themselves in the world of technology and innovation to improve their way of life and those around them. This news about GDPR  teaches us how to live our lives better.

According to EUGDPR.org, GDPR is “the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years.” It certainly is a huge change to once how we see data, therefore, we must be prepared. The maximum fine that can be imposed for non-compliance €20 Million or up to 4% of annual global turnover.

With this new regulation, personal data is protected against risk of exposure and unlawful use. Accepting GDPR in a proactive and positive position means acknowledging its benefits and embracing it. As the day of implementation approaches, the world will finally experience the privacy that each web user deserves.



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