Website Hosting Solutions: Make Sure You Use the Right One

For any website to be successful in the long run, it is important that the front end, i.e. its graphics, design element and content should be really great. However, once you have your website up and running, you will realize that in addition to content, you also need to host it somewhere. This would be done through a hosting service that has to be both reliable as well as have the ability to offer continuous and seamless back-end support so that your users would not have to face any issues with reference to down times.

However, before making a final decision with regard to the hosting service provider, you have to understand your own requirements precisely, with reference to what it is that you require from the service. In other words, you have to understand your very own needs, and personal goals.

These can be figured out via a series of queries that you need to ask yourself and/or your team before deciding on a service provider.

  • What is your total budget? (Daily, weekly, monthly, or annual)
  • Do you want absolute reliability regardless of the cost or would you be content with a reasonably reliable service provider as long as you can cut down costs?
  • Are you interested in trying to sell something via your website?
  • Do you really want to manage your entire database with just one service provider? Or, do you want a complete back up of your data as well?
  • If you are not satisfied with your host, what are the reasons due to which you decided to shift, once and for all?

Here, it is important to understand that choosing any specific service provider for hosting your website does not necessarily mean that you cannot change the service provider, as and when required. However, doing so without acquiring the answers to as many of these key questions as possible, will almost inevitably mean that the issues that had plagued you with your original hosting service provider may well continue to be a problem with any new ones that you may sign a contract with. This is why it may be necessary to jot down the answers to the above questions before making a decision on the best possible solution to all the hosting needs of your website.

  • Website and media hosting needs and requirements

The kind of hosting service you may finally decide upon will depend entirely on the kind of graphics and media files you want to upload on your site. If your site is rich in text and does not have many multimedia files present, then a simple website holding service may suffice.

On the other hand, if you are using a lot of data (such as running a news feed site for example), then you will definitely need a media hosting service that may be able to handle your massive data requirements easily enough, without any fear of your site crashing at any time.

This is why using a simple website hosting service when you are running an AVI (audio visual image) heavy site may well mean that you just might end up running into low bandwidth related issues, such as slow download and upload speeds, especially if your website quickly becomes very popular, very quickly indeed.

Here, it is pertinent to note that simply uploading content is not going to attract the kind of traffic you want (regardless of how great the content may be) if your target market is not in a position to access your site due to the fact that the website hosting server is simply not able to cope with so heavy a demand in a very short time frame. This would mean that you just might end up becoming in effect, a victim of your own runaway success.

Ultimately, there may well come a time when the service provider that you are using may not be able to provide you the service you require and so ask you to make the switch to a dedicated hosting service. However, the cravat here is that it will almost certainly be way more expensive than if you were to opt for a standard web hosting service.

  • The “World Wide Wait”

However, sticking to the same one will lead to your site lagging and subsequently increasing the download time of your website to such an extent that people would simply not bother to continue to wait and close your site to look for fresh options. This will mean that all your efforts have been wasted. Add to that, the distinct possibility that sometimes the site may well crash completely due to excessive traffic and thereby stop working altogether.

However, acquiring the services of a reliable and dependable media hosting service can be the solution to all of the above problems. This is because such hosting services have been specifically designed to handle the highly demanding needs of an AVI heavy and very fast growing website.

  • Understanding the nexus between storage and bandwidth

When it comes to back end support, any service provider’s bandwidth capacity is perhaps the single most important feature when it comes to deciding on a host for your site. In fact, this factor is followed only by storage space, in order of importance.

For example, a news website that carries video snippets of the news it carries may require substantially more bandwidth as well as storage capacity than a site that carries only text.
The former may require 300BM of storage piece every week while means 1.2 GB of data per month on average. If the service provider is not in a position to provide high bandwidth capacity, than the site will start lagging and it will need to be upgraded.

This is why before you make a decision with regard to your service provider, you should try and get an estimate of the bandwidth and storage space needs of your site and check them with your service provider to gauge the compatibility between the two.


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