Web Design: The Seminal Importance of the “About Us” Page

When it comes to designing a website, one of the most important pages of the whole site would be the “About Us” page.

It is important to ensure that you use only eye catching fonts that have the potential to appear highly attractive. And at the same time, do not take away any attention from the pictures and other graphics that you might have placed on the site.

While the context certainly applies to the whole site, the “About us” page should always aim for an overall clean as well as a relatively uncluttered look. The mean reason being the fact that the ‘About Us page is the beating heart of the site and second only in importance to the home tab and/or landing page.

Once the user has landed at your site and is interested enough to not close the link immediately, then the odds are they will stay long enough to click on other pages as well. The first such page is generally the ‘about us’ page as the web surfer aims to look at and eventually understand precisely what the site is about and the people responsible for running it. If the about us page is sufficiently interesting, they will be tempted to stay long enough to either check out the various wares on display or read the information being disseminated on your site.

In order to generate greater interest, you may opt for different colors and fonts, from the usual color and font scheme that you may be using, not just from the rest of the site itself, but also the many other competitors in your respective field or industry. You can try out somewhat stronger fonts for different product categories (if the same are available on this page) or for the different individuals of your team that you will be introducing on this page to the rest of the world. Such a font and color scheme combination will almost certainly help you stand out from the usual clutter with which the net is over saturated as it is.

  • The overall theme of the page

You also have to vector in a theme that would be in keeping with the kind of product or service you may be offering at your website. For example: If the site is all about Ferrari spare parts and upgrades, then the overall theme should be in keeping with the iconic sport car’s overall image and “Ferrari Red” may be the dominant background color. However, you may opt for a lighter shade when designing your “about us” page, so as to be able to stand out from the rest of your own site. Your marketing specialist’s credentials may be written in pale mauve while the engineering team’s write-ups may be depicted in jet black fonts. In this way, all the different fonts and colors may be used to enable the different team members to stand out.

The same goes for products on the other pages of your site. If you are retailing chrome plated exhaust mufflers, then the sliver may be in stark contrast to a red super imposed image of a Ferrari in a black background.

Alternately, spark plugs may be shown in a black inner background with a red outer one. This way, you will be working within the same back and red theme while simultaneously differentiating your products.

The same can apply for any number of online businesses. Such as a flower boutique for instance, where red roses may be inserted within a lighter background with light color fonts so as to be able enhance the overall vividness and the contrast and show the passion and fire such flowers are used to convoy to the recipients. We, at Web Design 499, can be of a great help in creating that ideal color and font combination for your site.

  • The text of the site

Try and come up with something really distinctive with reference to the products in your inventory (in case of a product based ecommerce site). You can use different slogans such as “Unleash the raw power of your Ferrari”or “We turn the great into the greatest” or similar words to that effect.

Here, it is important to point out that it is very important to really ‘connect’ with the target audience when you are writing down the text for your “about us” page as well as for the other pages of your site, as a whole. You have to come up with something that really ‘connects’ with the target audience such as how your vehicle upgrades can actually allow the Ferrari to perform better than ever before. You can even add in personal anecdotes of your Team Ferrari and why your people got into the whole Ferrari upgrading business (for instance).

  • The importance of being personal

A sports car is more about making a statement than anything else. A Ferrari owner wants to proclaim to the world that they are a highly successful individual and have really achieved all that they wanted to from their life. This is why your text as well as your graphics should showcase the emotional context of owning a Ferrari. The vehicles may be shown in conjunctions with luxury villas and exotic locales. As a matter of fact, you should try and connect with your audience on a personal level so that they are able to trust your judgement and any suggestions regarding their vehicles and how best to fine tune and tweak the same with top end after market upgrades.

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