Social Media Marketing: Why Advertising On Social Sites Matters

Why is everybody hooked on social media? Is it because it’s entertaining to be updated with your friends’ life events? Is it because it’s amazing to reunite with a certain classmate you have lost touch with? Or is it just amusing to browse through memes and strangers’ life experiences? Whatever the reason may be, there’s one solid fact and that is social media is a strong entity in the digital platform.

Due to the popularity of social media, the term social media marketing has been coined. Most, if not all, kinds of businesses are venturing into social media marketing. Why? Because it is simple, straightforward and impractical. Below are a deeper discussion as to why advertising on social media sites matters.

Easier Brand Recognition & Recall 

Marketers find it easier and more comfortable to advertise on social media because it is simply like an online community that doesn’t require hard facts or hard-selling. Regular posting on different social media sites is easy and allows companies to practice engagement with old and new clients.

Brand Loyalty 

Advertising on social media sites makes it easier for customers to share their experiences – both good and bad. This set-up is actually a win-win situation for both the business and the customers because the former can easily sift through the reviews and see areas that need improvement. Customers, on the other hand, can have the freedom to express their experience without having to go through a long phone conversation with a customer representative.

This open service platform makes is said to build brand loyalty because the customers’ needs are met almost instantly and the engagement game between the company and the buyer is stronger than ever.

A Big Boost In Conversion Rates

Advertising on social media sites increases brand awareness and visibility. As long as you tweak your social media ad to spread out based on your target market, you can expect a significant increase in your conversion rates as well as web traffic and visitors.


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