SEO isn’t Dying; It’s Evolving

Every few years or so, we hear distant whispers from the marketing world that SEO is dead. Is there any truth to this statement? SEO has an estimated value of over $70 billion dollars, so to say that it’s dying is a bold statement. But the truth is, SEO is here to stay and it’s not going anywhere soon.

It’s understandable why a lot of people would declare the death of SEO, but search engine optimization is still very much alive. However, a lot has changed. The tactics that you’ve been using before may no longer work these days.

And yet, so many small businesses wonder:, “We’re applying SEO, but why isn’t it working?”

That’s because the internet has become too crowded, leaving everybody else wanting that same search traffic you’re going after. This is the only reason why your SEO has done nothing for you — ranking has become too challenging in such a crowded space.

Understanding SEO and SERPs

Let us first understand the theory behind search engine optimization and search engine result pages or SERPs. These two terms work together congruently; they are interdependent to each other. If you remember Yahoo directory, then you might have an idea about search engines. However, the directory that we know in the early development of search engines collect websites based on categories.

Today, search engines calculate data through keyword or phrase queries. It is more advanced that even a single word could list hundreds or thousands of websites, webpages, or links that are related to the word in query. This is how the directory was made simple yet innovative.

SEO is needed because it’s the most straightforward, cost-effective way of gaining visibility in the Worldwide Web. As long as your website is relevant to a given keyword and lots of visitors visit you thanks to that keyword, you’ll certainly rise up the ranks of different SERPs. It relies on keywords, but its marketing capabilities aren’t limited to keywords.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to rank high in many different keywords and key phrases because that way you can get to gather your visitors by different groups depending on the search term they used on Google’s search bar. The more “diversified” the keywords you rank high for are, the more traffic you’ll get. As long as those variant keywords are still related to your business, you’re good to go.

Keywords are also quite beneficial when it comes to targeting your audience. Only those who are specifically looking for something in light of the phrases they’ve entered on the search bar can access your site. On that not, you should use three-or-more word strings when searching for key phrases to rank high on, because it’s a lot easier to gain a ranking with “organic heirloom seeds for sale” than it is to rank on any of those individual words.

Modern Day SEO: Are Keywords Still Important?

Keywords are very much relevant still. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to target which keywords to use, how well their SEO implementations are performing, and what their SEO benchmarks are.

To put it simply, Google has made a series of updates that completely changed how we once knew SEO. As a result, a lot of domain holders and websites were affected. Today, keywords are no longer a priority; rather, you have to ensure that your content is well received by web users in terms of information, readability, engagement, and shareability.

In other words, there’s no need in pleasing search engines by stuffing a chock-full of keywords into one article. Focus on the quality of the content — put your readers to mind first, and add the keywords later if they are necessary.

Gauging Your SEO

According to Forbes, the best way to perform your own audit is to get the best SEO service. Website owners and domain holders need to know the value of the platforms that these services use in order to understand the changes in search engine algorithms. In turn, they will be able to integrate the practices that work today, and get rid of those that are considered obsolete.

SEO or search engine optimization should technically be free because search engines such as Google don’t charge the billions of websites indexed by their spiders for the privilege of being visible to all that use their services.

However, just because it’s technically free doesn’t mean it’s easy to apply yourself, and for many people, they’re willing to pay whatever SEO prices and rates are out there for the convenience of having someone else handle this SEO debacle. It can be quite the headache to keep a website SEO-friendly, especially when spammers abuse these methods and, soon enough, Google will mark as spam any company that uses obsolete SEO techniques, even legitimate ones.

Make Sure You’ll Get More Bang out of Your SEO Buck

  • One way to ensure that you’re getting a lot out of your SEO services is to check your site statistics and analytics. This will help you guarantee that your SEO services are worth the money you invest in them by letting you know which search terms are getting the most hits, which hits are acquiring the most engagements, how much of your traffic is actually being converted to cash in the form of interested customers and actual sales, and so forth.
  • You should do a price comparison between different SEO providers to check which is cheaper. There are SEO resellers out there that provide half the cost of full-on SEO companies if you want to save money while still getting quality SEO for your website. On the other hand, having an SEO company at your back and call will enable your site to get regularly updated in all things related to SEO on an indefinite period (consistency is important in SEO).
  • You should avoid so-called “SEO” companies that have your website listed down in hundreds of web directories simply because this is an obsolete way of gathering traffic at present. What’s more, the latest Google algorithm updates even list as spam any site that’s extensively seen in these so-called directories, so beware.

It is never a concealed thought that search optimization engine plays a great and important part of promoting sites on the web. SEO helps online businesses and online entrepreneurs to earn more and get the maximum profits they want. It has been a key to every successful sites soaring up high on the internet.

These are some benefits that SEO can offer you.

  1. Study the whole background of your site – its advantage, its edge and flaws. It helps the site rise up its potential and eradicates its flaws. They customize you site according to the requirements and things it needs.
  2. It makes your site attractive and user friendly. A website, to entice more visitors and clients, must be attractive and well-created. Its design must be simple yet catchy. Also, the navigation key must also be easy to use and there must be a search engine to make you search more detailed. A site must also be user friendly so that anyone who tries to visit your site will not make it hard to go or do whatever he wants. The site must also be informative and the theme or the design of your site must coincide with the type of business you are running.
  3. It increases website trafficking on making your site appear more on directories and search results engine more often.

The Evolution: SEO Tactics You Should Focus On in 2018

  1. Create High-Quality Content

Do not focus on writing for search engines. Write for your readers instead.

There are few tips to make your content better than before and more importantly, better than most of the writers out there.

  • Try to make your own title more impressive and attractive. According to a study, a good title of books enhances the sale of book 50 – 70 %. And this goes for content too. If a title is not very good and failed to get visitor / reader attention then it doesn’t matter how much article / content good is.
  • Direct talk to readers. This is one of the quality people like about content that some writers address directly. So, it is better to keep your writing voice as your speaking voice to get reader’s full focus.
  • The content must be in simple and clear manner. The language should be as simple as it could be. It is recommended to avoided obscure expressions. Try to add examples; it helps readers to understand quickly.
  • Be friendly, it is a quality only good content writers possess. A content writer should be friendly to readers and this expression should visible in his/her writing.
  • Write about interesting things; don’t only give reader some dry facts and figures to eat. Make your content alive and entertaining as much as possible.
  • Stick with the things you know about. A content writer can write about such things he/she is well aware of. Do your work quickly and efficiently but a reader’s time is more worthy than the writer.
  • Keep your sentences short. It is important to use short sentences and make your content as sweet and juicy as possible. As already mentioned, don’t just give user dry information, facts ,and figures.
  • It is important to know target readers to make your content informative according to the reader’s level.
  1. Promote Content Like Crazy

In essence, content marketing has always been with us from the start. The benefits of marketing through textual content when it comes to selling your products and services cannot be denied. No matter what kind of business you’re in, it will contain some sort of content-marketing scheme in one way or another, whether it’s a non-profit, for-profit, B2C, or B2B type of enterprise.

Content marketing through your articles, blog entries, testimonials, customer reviews, forum content, and myriad of topics to discuss by your very own target audience are much more effective than banner ads and video ads that, to be quite frank, are based on the billboards and commercials of yore of traditional advertising. People want something new, and they view promotional ads like the above-mentioned examples as nothing more than background noise at this point.

The social media has also played a part in expanding the horizons of content-marketing. Since it’s text-based as well as mostly user-generated (such that, for a change, your marketing can be done by your very target audience through electronic word of mouth). Previously, most companies could not afford the amount of exposure afforded by the Internet. Nowadays, you can see even non-business people get their fifteen minutes of fame through the Internet thanks to how widespread it is.

In terms of content marketing, you can bring forth your message through social media and have it distributed among the denizens of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and others,, only to see it virally spread across the Information Superhighway by itself if you were to play your cards right. It’s this power of spreading itself that makes content-marketing a crucial part of your marketing campaign and strategy. By including customer reviews and testimonials into your marketing, you can improve your chances of exposure by leaps and bounds.

  1. Do Topic Research, Instead of Keyword Research

The internet allows people to have immediate access to important information in a snap. In other words, if you want yourself to matter, it’s imperative that you become a viable content provider, whether it’s through covering important news related to your industry, making informative articles that will have people visiting your website in droves, or making use of the discussions and user-generated content of your own consumer base to your marketing advantage.

Remember that knowledge is power. This is especially apparent when it comes to the Worldwide Web. People are forever researching for content and information because it’s the main reason why the Internet exists.

People are scouring for content through social media, websites, emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, and so forth, particularly sources that can be trusted and have high credibility. In other words, if you want your content-marketing to work, you need to share your information about your industry in order to get important information from your customers in terms of feedback.

Content is Still King, After All

For SEO to be successful in promoting things online, it’s important to understand that content is what search engines are looking for these days. And not just any other content — search engines will rate it according to how your readers respond to it.

For that to happen, it’s important that content is properly managed and promoted. As much as you’re trying to come up with a click-worthy title, make sure you don’t follow the desperate click-bait tactic. Make sure what’s written about you and your business or anything you’re trying to convey contains all the information that your readers need.

That being said, it’s safe to say that short articles no longer work. Google, for one, favors long-form material. The kind of content where everything is in it without the need for readers to click on various resources just to get the information he or she needs.

Diligent Research

Firstly, a marketer must be a diligent researcher for him or her to be able to prepare a material that would capture various audiences from various backgrounds. The internet is open to people from different parts of the world. One marketing strategy may or may not be effective to everyone. Before researching, make sure that you make a list of questions that you would need to address. Consider cultural backgrounds, demographics, trends, and various values. This way, it’ll be easier for you to gather data in an organized way. 

Consistency of the Material

This is especially important when you are aiming for brand recognition. You need to maintain a consistent online presence. If you have a website, it is necessary that you set a schedule for when you will update your site. The themes that you would use should also be something that your audience can easily connect to your product.

Excellent Delivery

Good research and consistency would help you but to finish well you need to make sure that you deliver your marketing excellently. You need to surpass or go beyond the usual. Your delivery should be unique and creative. You can try and use wit or humour to attract customers. A light but impressive article or material could really do wonders in boosting your business. Try and make it a goal to make your reader smile or really laugh. Try to add a character or personality to the way you market.

Authority and Expertise

You are done with your research but you need to show some confidence when you are doing content marketing. This can give you an edge. You just need to use the information from your research efficiently.

We are now in the age where consumers are opting for wiser choices. Let your consumers feel that you are giving them more value than other products. You need to make them think that you are really adept in the area that you are trying to promote. This way, you would be able to gain the trust of your target market. If you are able to do this effectively, persuading your possible clients would just be a breeze.

SEO is Here to Stay

Having your website noticed by search engines will lead your business to its full potential. In the online world, it does not matter on how big or how small is your business. Also, it does not matter on what type of industry or nature your business is. What really matters when it comes with the online world is your website’s presence. It is your primary tool for promoting your products or services you provide.

With the advancement of technology the internet provides, most people today are no longer flipping the yellow pages to find certain services.

The basic idea of SEO relies on different and innovative optimization techniques based on live audiences and Search Engine algorithm. Today, search engine crawlers will depend on how relevant the website is by unique article writing, backlinks, the interest of live audiences (internet users), press releases, and more.

Keep in mind that SEO techniques do not actually increase the PageRank but provide solutions on how to increase website traffic. A good and reputable SEO provider will not promise you to receive ROIs (return of investments) immediately. Instead, a good company will guarantee that your business’ online presence will increase traffic over time.

No matter how sophisticated and what kind of online promotion you do to your website, if the structure of the website itself does not work properly, increasing the traffic of your website is somewhat impossible to achieve. Make sure that you understand technical build-up — it is a method by which a SEO finds the best way to invite crawlers directly to your website.

You need to be acquainted with modern and updated SEO practices and understand that an effective SEO approach often takes several months to achieve. Therefore, expect good results immediately since necessary actions and practices are still developing during the first month. SEO really requires patience, but the benefits of it can be useful in the long run. The more informative and high-quality content you produce, the better the results are.

To put it simply, SEO is not dead. It will continue to stay alive, but expect some more changes in the future. Old school is cool, but in SEO, it is irrelevant. Focus on modern methods, specifically, enhancing the quality of your content.

Remember that no SEO strategy is set in stone. SEO needs constant updating and if you want to succeed online, you have to keep up with the pace.


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