Quality Web Design Matters To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Design influences how we interact with everything around us. Those interactions can be enjoyable and pleasant, or they can be confusing and frustrating. But what does it really mean when one talks about “good design?” A lot of resources may point to quality design, but in website building, good design is measured by how profitable your business had become.

Successful businesses know the true value of quality design. Just take a look at companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, and Apple — all of them focused heavily on design and had greatly benefited from it. It simply means that design is an investment and that it can it help in brand awareness, trust, and business growth.

In the context of web design, here’s why it matters to your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

The practices and elements in your web design influence how you post content, and when implemented impeccably, it will have a positive effect on how search engines index your site.

This is an integral part of building a website. If your SEO techniques are less than perfect, the fight for visibility is futile from the very beginning. It’s not easy to understand the entire concept of design especially from a beginners standpoint, but in much simpler terms, the code in your website must be SEO-friendly.

For you to be guaranteed of up to date web design practices, it is wise to enlist the help of a web design expert that knows the elements of SEO.

Usability and Navigation

Information found on your website will be useless if users can’t find what they’re looking for. In building a website, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the average online user. If it’s cluttered, chaotic, and confusing, they’re likely to close the window and opt for your competitor’s website instead. Navigation should be intuitive in order to keep up with the short attention span users have. If a user finds it difficult to find what he’s looking for, this is already a lost lead.

Coherency and Consistency

No matter how crazy Internet folks could get, they still value consistency. If your pages look different from each other, with various layouts, fonts, and distracting colors, don’t expect them that they’d extend their stay on your website.

Aesthetic-wise, your pages must have the same typeface, style, format, and layout. Aside from the element of consistency, it would also be easier to understand and make the whole experience more streamlined.

Quality web design means users are free of distractions because the littlest of it can result in a lost sale.


Your common sense will tell you that you need to invest in quality web design because your competitors are doing all that they can to be above you. They, too, want to make sure that they on top, and if your website looks like a mess, your competitor will be the one considered as trustworthy and professional.

If you the funds to do so, it’s perfectly okay to splurge a bit more on web design. One of your business goals is to be unique, and through effective design, you will definitely stand out from the rest. To online users, a beautifully crafted website is the obvious choice. If they arrive as visitors, they will most likely leave as customers.

Online users need to know you exist, with the full understanding of your products and services. Remember that people are bombarded by messages every day, but with quality web design, you can cut through the clutter. It will not only help you stand out — it will make your website memorable, as well.


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