Podcast Power: How Podcasting Can Help Boost SEO Ranking & Your Online Reputation

Podcasts are all the rage these days. Whether you’re a regular podcast listener or a newbie who just started getting the hang of it, this medium is an integral part of the digital marketing industry. If you’re a marketer, podcasting is worth checking out.

The Edison Research says that 58 percent of listeners spend at least an hour of catching up on their favorite podcasts each week. It only goes to show that a lot of people prefer this medium over other forms of digging for information due to our hectic lifestyle.

Podcasts are a very convenient tool when it comes to being informed and up to date. It contributes a lot to multitasking, allowing people to drive, work out, or sit on the couch while listening to it. For digital marketers who have a lot to share, creating a podcast or guesting in one helps build brand reputation. There are a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits in podcasting, and below are some of them.

Give Your Brand a Boost

To boost SEO rankings and build your brand and reputation, guesting on a podcast is one of the most effective techniques. If done methodically, it can be the best content and SEO marketing strategy to attract new customers and help build your rankings.

Being interviewed on a podcast must not be all about talking about oneself or a product or service you’re offering, you should use that opportunity to build your brand.

Pushing the Promos, Promoting the Brand

Perhaps one of the biggest setbacks to digital marketing today is that there is simply no tangible way to count out the customers you were actually able to reach and turn into trusting patrons. No number of likes, click throughs or site visits can tell you how that relates to brand trust and company reputation. This can be especially troubling for many businesses because running a social media brand campaign eats up dollars and man-hours. While many businesses remain hopeful that their marketing scheme will pay off sometime in the long run, it could just as easily be that it’s slowly and silently putting their company in the red.

So, how is a company to know if its branding strategy a profitable venture or a proverbial bag of wind?

Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging

A common mistake of businesses is where they push a brand campaign and get people to follow the articles and read a message from the company, but don’t follow it up with something that would incentivize its followers to become paying customers who patronize the brand. Connect your strategy with a sales discount or a free event to attend.

The usage of podcast allows you to count out who exactly learned about the brand through social media, and who became a customer for the first time. This works by setting up material that customers would be happy to latch onto. Then, when they avail of the promotion, pertinent questions can be asked to them such as through response forms, and you can finally count out the benefits of the strategy.

Maintaining the SEO Benefit

While good publicity can bring in potential customers, bad or negative feedback can considerably cause the organization to lose its clients. For that reason, maintaining a good reputation is essential to keep the institution on top.

However, keeping the name of the company pristine has become more difficult nowadays especially with the advent of the World Wide Web where brand reputation can be easily tarnished due to the many venues where displeased customers can voice out their dissatisfaction. To combat this potentially harmful feedback, there are several things that a company can do to protect their names.

Use Social Media. Social media is a very powerful tool that can be used to both monitor and promote the reputation of the company. Being visible in the social media allows the organization to advertise their new products. It can also be used to control negative feedback by displeased customers.

Setting Up Alarms. It is also possible to monitor every new blog post or article posted on the internet. This way, damage control can be done as soon as possible.

Make sure the podcast you’re guesting at is targeted towards your niche. It’s important to keep an open mind since not every show is related to what you’re promoting.


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