Outsourcing & White Labeling: Why Both Matter To Your Business Website — And How

Businesses, in order to compete, must go with the flow and adapt to the latest trends in the industry. One of those latest (and arguably most popular) developments these days is outsourcing. Due to the advent of globalization and the Internet, businesses are able to outsource parts of its operations to countries where cheap and competitive labor forces are located. As a result, most businesses are now able to maintain a global presence and expand their operations to the four corners of the globe.

There are so many ways to execute effective marketing. The most popular medium that has been used as a tool lately is the Internet. Web design companies are everywhere. They are being contacted by people who are looking and planning to establish their own online business.

They say that doing such business is the easiest way to earn money. The ability to launch a website, coupled with the product and service being offered, is the dream of every establishing business. But then reality sets in — it is really more than just starting the business. There has to be a carefully though-out game plan. Starting a business online can be tricky. There are times when it can be very difficult to carry out and most of the time expensive. These reasons are more than enough to make people understand the nature of what they are planning to do first for them to succeed.

Starting a Business Online and More

Everyone always comes up with diverse ideas. Sometimes, these ideas are good. On the other hand, they can also be bad (or terrible and costly). This is the reason why people need to understand that not every idea is profitable. Sometimes, somebody has already beaten you to it. The only way to know this or even check is to type the keywords connected with the ideas. Matches will come up after the search and they can help in knowing whether the idea has matches or not. There are even times when the idea has an identical website name. This should be checked prior to buying a new domain.

For the above, the Google keyword tracking tool can be used. This allows the user to enter the keyword or phrase that he intends to see matches. The matches can be generated locally or even nationally.

What about White Labeling?

White labeling is the term used when a product, which is produced by one company, is sold under a different brand name. A good example is “store brands.” Manufacturers with no consumer branding prefer to sell their own product to a retailer because this retailer holds a better position in the marketplace.

White labeling is a more practical option for manufacturers who want to capitalize on the distribution channels or the branding of other brands. On the other hand, it may not be ideal for businesses that want to make a name for themselves because it may hinder the chance of getting your brand out to the world.

Getting White Label Outsourcing Services for Website Management

If you have your own website, one ongoing task that you have to look into is to maintain and manage the website. Part of maintaining your website includes the following:

✓ Updating links and information
✓ Closing out reported broken links
✓ Upgrading software for any flash animation or graphics
✓ Others

In terms of managing, there are also some tasks that are commonly being done.

✓ Management of admin profile
✓ Using admin profile for full control of the website
✓ Management of any feedback and emails received
✓ Extracting daily stats and internet traffic info
✓ Others

The management and maintenance parts are not that difficult if you have the time and dedication to fulfill the necessary tasks for the online site. It is important to note that the procedures needed for both of these may differ over time, so the need to use white label outsourcing may be applicable in these situations.

If your website is getting a moderate amount of Internet traffic, the management part could be a bit tedious if you have to do it alone, given the amount of feedback and direct emails that you might be getting from visitors and users who visited your site. If you have a function that moderates comments, then you also need to have someone check those comments before posting it on your site. Things like these can be made more convenient if you will outsource the tasks to someone like a website moderator.

When you outsource the maintenance of your website, it is similar to hire a host server to maintain everything. It is important to check the stability of the server, too, so that you know that your site is accessible at all times.

Web Outsourcing for your Website

Building a website can be tough. You have to identify resources and logistics to be successful in building in. As you start the creation process, there are some questions that would pop up that you have to answer along the way.

1. How much budget do I have to build and maintain the website? What kind of web hosting service should I get for site?
2. For the web hosting part, what services can I take part in building and maintaining the website? What are the system requirements for its maintenance?
3. What kind of webpage am I developing? What are the things that I’m supposed to include on each of the pages and what functionalities should I have?

These are just some of the questions that you may have as you start building the website. In terms of maintaining it, you can start to consider web outsourcing to reduce both cost and manpower. Maintaining and managing the website involves different approaches and methods. If you outsource a website developer or company to manage and maintain the site for you, it would be more convenient because you know that your site is fully covered (even when you’re not looking).

Site Maintenance and Webhosting: If you outsource the maintenance of your site, you are going to endorse the complicated tasks of ensuring the site is always up and running to a group of people who are professionals in the field. You will feel safe and confident that your site is in good hands because of the experts that you have trusted to do the tasks for you.

Additional Support for the Site: If you have functions on your site that allow the visitor or user to contact you directly, you can get this outsourced, too, so that it can be managed efficiently.

Information about Online Marketing Development

These days, online marketing takes a significant chunk off the time and resources of both small and big ventures because it provides an opportunity for participants of different dimensions to triumph, from well-off companies to individual small business owner working from their tiny areas and hoping to build out their realms. Previously, e-commerce solutions were not as sophisticated as they are now and many businessmen were disappointed by the reality that they need to appoint several employees to survive in the e-commerce world. Now, with online marketing, a solid brand development campaign is now within arm’s reach. Choosing modified solutions signifies that you are taking more out of the applications compared to utilizing ready to use products.

To date, proprietors can select technology that also hosts products and security procedures that are suited to their plan and assist them to streamline operations. Perfect integration with some other business resolution is one more aspect of being in-tune with the latest online marketing developments.

Evaluating is a big portion of e-commerce web development because every application must be easy and simple to use. This means that the greatest professionals in web development should ensure they study all the items carefully and evaluate each resolution at every development stage to prevent glitches and mistakes. The result is few to zero errors once they are finalized. Safety and protection are other aspects that are as important. Solutions must be fully carried out so that even clients can address problems should they arise. This way, the e-commerce business owner will eventually no longer need to rely on people to be monitoring 24/7. The goal is to be 100 percent automated.

Reasons Why Websites Choose Outsourcing

Global outsourcing has become one of the hottest buzzwords in business nowadays. A lot of businesses are able to play with the big guys in the global arena because of globalization. The advancements in technology have also made communication and the exchange of information so much faster. Outsourcing allows a company to bring an essential part of its business to a location overseas to cut costs and to improve the productivity and the skills of its employees. One of the highly-outsourced businesses is the software development industry. Truthfully, there is a wealth of talent and resources outside of the US for rates that are much lower (but with better quality).

Highly Skilled Workers

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is that it allows companies to gain access to highly skilled workers. Most companies pass on their software development division to countries in Asia, particularly India and the Philippines, because these countries have a lot of talented workers. Most employees from these regions earned their degrees from the best universities and colleges in the area, making them fully equipped with the skills necessary for the job.

Increased Productivity

Another major advantage of outsourcing is that it increases the productivity of companies while reducing cost. One of the main reasons why companies move their production overseas is the cheap cost of labor. A local employee is often paid at least twice that of the cost of a single employee in the outsourced location. As a result, companies can conduct multiple production shifts, thus, increasing productivity without needing to pay too much for manpower (and other benefits). Production can also be done round-the-clock because those outsourcing locations are in a different time zone from where the mother company is located.

Security and Continuity in Extreme Cases

Database administration is a very critical aspect of a business. It involves risk and requires you to have high-security measures in place. In order to protect it, businesses can choose to move it offshore. Furthermore, if something happens in the main office, the database will remain unaffected because it is in a different location.

Advantages to Small Businesses

One of the biggest benefits that outsourcing brings to small businesses is the fact that it levels the playing field. Outsourcing is the great equalizer among businesses; it allows small enterprises to access skilled manpower for a cheaper cost. Businesses do not have to spend a lot to train these employees nor do they need to pay them as much as those people that they would employ locally. Furthermore, small businesses are able to maintain a global presence with outsourcing. Globalization and the Internet have made business expansion a possibility even for those that have a much lesser capital compared to multinational firms.

Maximizing the Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Small businesses must learn to take advantage of outsourcing to maximize its benefits. First, they must learn to use the Internet to communicate with outsourcing partners. Larger firms experience difficulties from time to time when it comes to communicating with the outside firm and the same is expected of small businesses. Therefore, it is important to know how to make use of the web as an effective tool for communication. Lastly, small businesses should try to outsource only a part of their business to protect their copyright and licenses.

To keep your business information up-to-date and to achieve higher sales, you need to have a business website. Just having a website that does not describe your business or services accurately and that serves no purpose for bringing in more revenue is just a waste of a powerful tool. That said, before putting one up, it is important to keep the objectives of the website in mind. These include informing visitors about your products and services, building relationships with the clients, and driving more sales. If your website serves no purpose and brings no benefits to your bottom line you need to think about updating your website or rebranding to make it a profitable tool for business rather than just being a passive placeholder.

A few tips on updating your business website are given below to help you redesign your website by yourself, step by step.

Essential Properties Of A Business Website

Below are 6 essential elements to build an effective business website.

1. Easy to navigate
2. Interaction with customers and customer care
3. A design that attracts clients
4. Powerful content and product description
5. Credibility
6. A mobile website (responsive design)

Be Clear About The Purpose Of Your Site

You need to think about the purpose of the website and what the needs of your business are. The website could be used to inform your potential buyers about your products so that they can buy them from your brick-and-mortar store, or you could set up an eCommerce site to sell goods and services directly. You may also establish an online presence to build relationships with your customers so that they are familiar with your brand and have all their questions answered.

You need to realize that a website serves several purposes, and the design and content of the site will depend on how you prioritize these. Once you have the purpose and goal of the site, you can start the building of a structure, keeping in mind that every page should address a specific goal.

How to Outsource Software Development

Many businesses are now reaping the rewards of outsourcing some, if not all, of the major aspects of their operations. Many companies recognize the fact that outsourcing is the best way to cut down on operational expenses without sacrificing the quality and productivity. One of the leading industries in outsourcing is the software development industry. Many businesses decide to outsource software development to other countries because of its precious highly-skilled yet low-priced labor force. As a result, jobs are created overseas and the cost of maintaining these jobs are cut in half while production remains strong, if not further improved. Both sides win.

The Different Steps in Outsourcing

There are several things to consider before outsourcing can be done.

1. First, identify the best location to outsource. At the moment, Asian countries are the hotbed of outsourcing, with India and the Philippines leading the growth in the several types of industries. Both countries have a large outsourcing company presence. These companies have a ready pool of highly skilled individuals that can serve your business.

2. Once you have identified the company to handle your outsourcing needs, it is now time to make sure that the infrastructure that they have is able to handle your business requirement.

3. Finally, it is time to train the individuals for the processes involved in your operations. This is very critical because the success of the outsourcing team will rely heavily on the transfer of knowledge. This process should also be continuous as both parties will develop, grow, and improve in the process. Training can be done remotely or a representative can fly over to conduct it personally.

Making Sure Your Online Endeavors Stay Afloat

In any business, nothing will come to fruition without any sort of planning. Whatever your goal is, whether you’re starting a new venture or carving out a new niche in an existing business, planning, mapping and setting goals are key to its success. This does not only mean marking your calendar and putting important functions to it or writing notes about the important stuff that should be done. Planning is about actively plotting an agenda that will allow you to meet the objectives and aims of your business.

Goals are the starting point of business planning. They are also the end-all. Simply put, the moment you achieve a goal marks one point of success – and this is a continuous process, especially because you are operating online. There are several elements that you need to consider when identifying and setting the goals for your business.

Setting a specific goal

Your goals in a business are generally broad enough to be met right away. You should, in some ways, break down these broad goals to create more specific, measurable and attainable goals. So you want to the best software developer in the US? How will you achieve that? What are the parameters? List down the steps you need to take and hurdles you have to overcome to reach your goal points step-by-step. You can’t expect to be a success overnight; but you can definitely inch closer to being one as your business grows.

Maintaining a vision

From the very beginning, identify what your vision is for your company and make sure all efforts are done towards seeing this vision come alive. Having a vision ensures that you are in the right path and that anything that is not in that road should be considered a distraction.


Creating specific goals and maintaining a vision are steps to helping your business succeed. Another important element that comes with these is responsibility. When you are responsible and accountable for your actions and obligations, the result is a clear and straight path to achieving your goals. When something doesn’t go your way, resist the urge to point blame. Instead, look for solutions and then consider it a teaching moment.

Final Thoughts about Outsourcing and White Labeling

Not all aspects of a business can be outsourced or white labeled. Although some companies may disagree, there are still aspects of the business that should be exclusive to you. Otherwise, you might as well hand the reins over to people across the globe and never look back. Management must still remain centralized and local so major decisions are made in-house and immediately. You should also maintain a solid and open line of communication between you and the outsourcing company. This way, you know where your business is at 24/7.


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