Key Reasons Why a Business Should Invest in SEO Today

Many people tend to think that SEO is now dead, with the way changes are occurring in the cyber sphere on a nearly day to day basis. However, that is most certainly not the case since it is still an absolutely vital plank in the marketing arsenal of companies that maintain an online presence.

However, that does not mean that SEO has remained static in the decade or so since it took center stage in the digital marketing strategies of almost all online businesses. On the contrary, it has changed drastically in the past ten years or so, which is precisely why many people who have not kept up with the times and the tactics of today’s SEO try to pass it off as a proverbial ‘dead duck’.

As a matter of fact, SEO is far more relevant today than ever before due to the fact that Google and other popular search engines have evolved with time and are now even more focused on value addition as well as benefits, the reader may accrue from their perusal of a site.

This is why, today many digital marketing companies in conjunction with their clients, are effectively overhauling their entire SEO paradigm to ensure that they are able to take advantage of the many exciting innovations that the up and coming technologies have created. In fact, it is more of a symbiotic relationship between digital companies and the search engines themselves whose developers have been at the forefront of creating more relevant algorithms for the benefit of the end users.

Let us take a look at a short list of highly specific reasons due to which online businesses today need SEO more than ever before:

  • SEO techniques still work well today

First and foremost, the various techniques and methods employed by most digital marketing companies to improve the SEO of their client still tend to work pretty well indeed. Organic SEO is not really all that difficult a preposition and most firms have years of experience to finetune and hone their talents. That is why they can easily achieve good results and attract relevant traffic, easily enough.

  • Overall reach of the product and brand

While it is difficult to come across any exact figures, but it has been estimated that Google alone handles well over three billion searches on a typical day. And, we are just talking about organic searches here. i.e., searches in which a product rather than brand is being looked for. If an effective SEO strategy is incorporated, it will be easy enough to ensure that at least, some of the traffic comes your way.

  • It is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future

There is sound logic behind SEO and its continuity and it is directly related to the tangent along which most search engines appear to be headed. This makes it exceedingly unlikely that SEO will cease to lose its efficacy in attracting traffic, at least anytime soon.

At a certain level, even video and audio links depend on keywords to enable the search engine to filter the required results. This is why a more traditional and text based SEO system is not going away anytime soon and the current methods are quite likely to remain as popular as they have ever been before.

  • SEO: The ultimate cost effective digital marketing solution

When we compare the expenses of most other marketing efforts such as social media marketing, email marketing or even out rightly purchasing leads, we can easily see that SEO really does provide excellent value for money, which translates into some pretty nifty ROI figures.

This is not to say that other marketing elements such as the few mentioned above should be ignored in lieu of an SEO-only strategy. Purchasing leads is a great way of enhancing revenue while social media helps in promoting overall brand awareness and extension equity as well. But it is the ‘plain vanilla’ SEO techniques that may well be the true bedrock of almost all marketing activities as far as your online presence is concerned.

  • Search engines and online reviews

These days, even when it comes to simple purchases, people tend to look for an online review or two before making up their mind to go for it or not (as the case may be). In fact, the number of people searching for a product before making an actual purchase is not just increasing steadily, but may well continue to grow at a much faster pace with the steady proliferation of smartphones and other hand held devices, that are now being coupled with 3 and 4G technologies.

This means soon almost everyone will be able to search for products online before taking the decision to buy a particular brand. Not having a good SEO strategy firmly in place will inevitably mean that your products may well remain unlocated, but on the contrary, the products of the competitors will be freely available online and thereby attract potential customers to their sites.

  • Local search optimization and mobile communication devices

The influx of a sheer volume of traffic through mobilephones and hand held devices is increasing at such a pace that they have overshadowed the traffic coming through workstation and laptop systems. This has brought an upsurge in the popularity of LSO or local search optimization, with people looking for links to sites in their immediate vicinity, ranging from anything and everything from a fine dining experience to the best place to get their automobiles serviced.

  • Conclusion

It is fair to conclude that SEO remains as relevant today as it was ever before and this relevance is not going to decrease anytime soon, at least in the foreseeable future.

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