Improving Facebook Interactions: Why It Matters To Digital Marketers

Social media marketing is getting more potent and powerful every day. In fact, entrepreneurs are appreciating the influence and impact of social media on their respective businesses. Among all the social media platforms available, Facebook appears to be the most popular and widely-used in terms of age, culture and gender. With that, digital marketers are recognizing the need to improve Facebook interactions.

Facebook Videos

Gone are those days when people would gladly read through a very long caption explaining a brand or a product. Advertising has gone a long way from the traditional text and photo medium and is now adapting to short and catchy videos to hook consumers.

According to social analytics platform, Quintly, Facebook videos generate 65% engagement in terms of likes, comments and shares. The fact is just so glaring, right? Facebook interactions and engagement increases with video posts. Therefore, it is just proper to invest in video creation if you want to improve your page’s Facebook interaction.

Why Links Are Still Around

Given the results of countless studies showing that Facebook videos are effective tools in increasing Facebook interactions, why are some businesses still posting links and articles? Well, the answer is quite simple – they are doing that to increase site visits and website traffic.

Additionally, producing a video can be quite pricey especially if quality output is expected. However, digital marketers cannot stress enough the importance of videos to improve Facebook engagement.

Video Alternatives 

For entrepreneurs who are on a budget or are still starting-up with their business, producing a high-quality video for Facebook might not be in the initial pipeline. However, there are still some alternatives that can still generate improved Facebook interactions.

Partnering with local influencers might be a less expensive option and entrepreneurs can tap said bloggers to create a short video to increase brand or product awareness. This will be a smart and practical option because it will not only increase brand awareness, it will expand the business’ reach and network as well. The talent fee or endorsement fee of some bloggers are usually lower than a video production cost so it’s worth a try.


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