Google Unveils Mobile-First Indexing: What This Means For Your Business Website

Announced in 2017 by Google, mobile-first indexing has become one of the most exciting SEO trends for 2018 and beyond. Starting this year, the search engine giant will prioritize mobile websites in indexing, rather than the desktop versions.

Since a lot of websites have already prepared mobile UIs, the update isn’t exactly a cause for panic. However, it is rather confusing. It’s another challenge when it comes to SEO, but because of the rampant use of mobile devices these days to search for products and services, the mobile-first index update just makes a lot of sense.

As of writing, desktop websites who don’t have mobile-friendly versions are still existent in search rankings, but they won’t last long. Mobile-responsive websites will reign from here on out. For online entrepreneurs, what does this really mean? And how can you ensure that you don’t get left behind?

Responsive Design to Boost Search Rankings

Any business has its own specific needs and areas for growth and improvement. The most common issue faced by most enterprises is its access to the market. Thus, marketing plans are developed along this line.

In the modern era, marketing has taken new forms and commerce is being done on the internet using mobile devices. Any business needs to have a mobile website; otherwise, it remains within safe and traditional territories. A good entrepreneur knows the meaning of risk and tends to face them. By integrating a responsive design to your site, your company can have a polished and successful public profile. All pertinent information on your organization, products, and people can be shown on the website. In order to get a wide reach, SEO techniques can be employed by professional webmasters.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good mobile-friendly website:

  • With clear, original and good contents
  • Attractive layout and designs that has a mass appeal or a unique catch for your market segment
  • Updated information on the company and products
  • Provides correct and complete information on the company and its products
  • Generates traffic using white hat SEO techniques
  • Interactive and responsive to customers

These are only some of the good qualities in a website that any company can aspire for. By hiring the professional services of trusted web design firms, your business has a long journey ahead and can stay afloat in times of booms and bust that modern economies are known for.

What Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Means for Websites

More Profit

The number one goal of businesses is to make profit. If you do not have customers, you will never make a profit for online or normal businesses. Customers have now gone mobile, why is why businesses must invest in mobile solutions. There are a lot of advertising strategies that you can do to promote your business and products. If you do not have any ideas when it comes to advertising, you can read about it from Google’s perspective or purchase a book about different advertising strategies and solutions.


Potential customers would only need a smartphone or tablet, and that’s not hard since basically everybody has those. This is an easier marketing plan than go outside, send fliers and tell people how good your products are. In this case, you can expect for the minimum effort at the highest return of results possible.


There is not much budget to be burnt around here except for your web hosting fee and web developers. Fuel, printing, salaries, and other expensive costs that may be associated with marketing is eliminated if you solely put the marketing job on your website. It is an efficient way to attract customers.

Wider Range

In this case, you are not talking about the residents for a few blocks in your area. Instead, you are dealing with the world. Just imagine how tourists will be able to know your products and more likely to visit your place once they get to your area. Amazing, isn’t it?


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