Engagement-based Email Marketing: Using Dynamic Content To Boost Your Readership Rates 

Brand personalization has always been a favorite marketing strategy, way before the internet, social media and mobile apps. However, brand personalization is going on a whole new level thanks to digital technology. Why is brand personalization considered as a pillar in marketing strategies? According to eConsultancy, 74% of marketers noticed an increase in engagement due to targeted personalization.

Additionally, marketers also observed an average increase of 14% in their click-through rates when they used personalized emails. In fact, personalized emails showed a spike in transaction rates of up to 6x more than the usual. This is why engagement-based email marketing must be applied to increase readership rates. Below are some tips on how to maximize it.

Use Demographics

This may be too obvious but this needs to be a constant reminder to entrepreneurs because there are moments when they are too engrossed in a certain campaign that they forget the reason behind the campaign. For an engagement-based email marketing campaign to be successful, or for any marketing campaign for that matter, it would be best to analyze the demographic information available.

Demographics are very important because companies can adjust their branding or message depending on the target market of their products. Also, targeted customization of messages can bring forth effective strategies.

Give Them Options

Another way of implementing personalization is by giving clients options, which in turn, increases their engagement by letting them choose what kind of content they want to receive or subscribe to. By creating dynamic content and giving clients the freedom to choose, they will end up appreciating the content and will even grow more curious about what else the brand has to offer.

Make Use Of Data Gathered From Email

It is important to keep track of the results of your engagement-based email marketing and one way to do that is by getting an email service provider that can monitor the clicks and views. Working on the data provided will give you a deeper insight on the interests of your clients and will guide you in creating more content in the next emails.



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