Digital Marketing In 2019: 5 Trends You Should Include In Your Growth Strategy

Every now and then, new technologies are unveiled and existing technologies are upgraded or updated. People have no choice but to adjust and keep themselves on track with the latest developments in technology as well. That said, business owners should put in mind that they must also adjust and keep up with technology’s pace.

Growing a business in this digital age only entails one important thing – harnessing the power of digital marketing. Below are 5 trends business owners should include in their growth strategy.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

More and more companies are opening to the idea of using artificial intelligence in the workplace. It is convenient, fast, accurate and will definitely keep the company at pace with the trends in technology. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can process some tasks a lot faster than humans. For example, scouring databases and providing technical insights – these tasks can take quite some time for humans but AI can quickly provide said data.

Say Hello To Chatbots

Online shops or businesses usually cater to the same questions from customers like the schedule of package delivery, availability of a product, sizes or variations, etc. To save time and effort in answering repetitive queries from different customers, a Chatbot is a perfect solution.

Of course, there are still customers who are not so keen on the idea of chatting with a Chatbot. To make a Chatbot’s conversation more human, it can be programmed to use emojis and other common human expressions.

The Smart Assistant – Speakers and Audio

Nowadays, more and more households are using Alexa – the smart device that conveniently follows orders via voice command. With Siri and Alexa, technology experts highly believe that smart voice command trends will continue to rise in the following years.

For business owners who want to capitalize on this trend, the first step is to optimize one’s website for voice search. It would be best to have a list of the top queries from customers so that it can be integrated into the voice search.

Local Influencers

Tapping the top local influencers will definitely boost one’s business via digital marketing. Influencers are known to have a lot of followers and one post from them about your business will definitely reach your target market effectively.


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