Design Ideas for a Better Performing Website

All websites are not created equal, which is precisely why they do not generate the kind of hits that you, as a website owner may feel you deserve to receive. However, fine tuning a website is not really that difficult, since all it requires is a bit of hard work and expertise. Let us see how you can create a more aesthetically appealing experience for visitors to your site:

  • Understanding the importance of “White Space”

White space is actually the amount of space or room between the various elements (images, videos as well as text) of your individual web page or (pages, as the case may be). User experience varies from group to group and there may well be many members amongst your target audience who would have no issues with a really cramped layout, if they are regular visitors to your site and therefore, used to your design.

However, it may be difficult to attract other visitors or get them to stay for longer periods if they feel that they have to strain their eyes in order to acquire the knowledge they seek from your site. Here, you will have to determine the requirements of your target audience. If you are going for the elderly segment, it will be better to go for more white space, since their eye sight is not that good, and also because they aren’t as tech savvy as their younger counterparts, when it comes to extracting information easily and effortlessly from the internet, per sec.

  • Icons are better than words

Interactive icons that allow the user to roam around all over your site are a whole lot better option then forcing them to read long, tedious text. This way, they will have access to different menus, social media buttons and many other features, so that they can happily browse away to their heart’s content without any need to leave the site. This can not only help decrease your overall bounce rate, but also saves up on your pixel space as well.

  • Keep updating your color schemes all the time

By changing color schemes, it certainly does not mean that you should completely overhaul your trademark color arrangement (that may well be the corner stone of your overall branding efforts) and give it a complete reboot. Rather, you may continue to update multiple areas on your site by adding more contrast and vivid colors to the same, while ensuring that your overall theme remains unchanged. For your regular visitors, running a different style and pattern after every few months may be a pleasant change and take away the ennui and the boredom of looking at the same layout, day in day out. You can experiment with small stuff such as toolbars, headers and footers, anchor links etc.

  • Try and use different fonts every now and then

While it may not seem the case, nevertheless, the usually innocuous font tends to have a pretty profound effect on the overall design of your site. Yes, the usual ‘run of the mill’ Calibri, Georgia Arial, and Times New Roman and other ‘plain vanilla’ fonts still rule the roost as far as the overwhelming number of sites are concerned, but that only means that there is room to stand out by using more exotic and interesting fonts.

As a matter of fact, your fonts can also be used to reflect the core products and values that your site stands for. If for instance, you deal in medieval armor, then you can use a really elegant calligraphic script as it was used during the Shakespearean era or even before.

  • Embedding social media badges

Most of the popular social media sites such as Dzone, Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit,and a veritable plethora of other sites offer certain codes that can be embedded directly into your site.This allows your visitors the unique ability to be able to share ‘your’ content directly on their favored social media pages without ever leaving your site itself. This would also enable the people reading those social media pages to be able to ‘hop’ on to your site and avail the content therein.

  • Scrolling options

On some sites (such as e-zines or blogs), there exists the ‘scrolling feature’ which allows the social media badges to follow the readers as they peruse though the site, regardless of which page or which part of the site they may be. This is an excellent method of ensuring that your content is shared without breaking into the narrative of your site. These options generally remain outside the body text area of the site, so that they do not block any important content and hover unobtrusively on the sidelines, just in case the reader feels that the content they are going though is truly shareworthy.

  • Super imposing background images

This is a handy way to help your site gain a handful of oomph. Such images perform a vital function as they allow the user to not only read the content but also observe the image in tandem. Think of it as a bit of a double whammy since they can both see and read simultaneously and as such, makes for a really great branding strategy because it allows for more seamless ‘top of the mind’ recall.

  • Always have a back to top link handy

This holds particularly true for pages with lots of text in which the reader can get lost. In fact, for really long pages, this is an absolute requirement since scrolling all the way back is not only very annoying, it is also quite fatiguing for the eyes as well.
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