Content Is Truly King: How To Maximize Content Optimization & Marketing Strategies; Focus On The Power Of Blogs

Effective content marketing is a vehicle for modern SEO. Like an engine-less wheel that requires the rider to use pedals, an SEO strategy won’t be able to survive in a digital marketplace. Conversely, SEO without content can be compared to an engine without wheels — it’s simply a machine that won’t go anywhere.

For content to stand out among the vastness of the internet, it needs to have SEO. However, search engines haven’t exactly handed out a checklist of what makes content high-quality. This leaves us to figure stuff out on our own by studying search results, making massive spreadsheets, and mine Google Analytics to offer audiences what they prefer to read and at the same time what search engines will love.

Optimization: The Key to Online Survival

Knowledgeable marketers know that content optimization must be practiced for content to be distributed efficiently. The social media management software we use gives us information to analyze our email platforms include A/B testing features but, more often than not, these methods thwart creativity. It’s the first step for audiences to get to know your brand, but it doesn’t mean we should stop right there.

Marketers must have a strategy for content to be optimized because this will not only maintain the quality of content, it will also make it reactive to adjustments according to your target audience’s preference over a long period. To achieve content optimization, it is important to understand that content marketing is the vehicle in which businesses will acquire more customers. Putting content experiences in mind, we can count on in these three stages for testing and optimization:

1. Entrance

What’s the deciding factor in which visitors will likely choose your content among the rest? By focusing on first impressions, you will be motivated to improve the key performance indicators of site traffic.

2. Experience

Is your content worth reading, at all? How sure are you that your content will encourage visitors to stay? Experience-oriented testing will lead to the improvement of content engagement key performance indicators.

3. Action

What’s in your content that will inspire visitors to make a move that’s in tune with your goals? In this stage, conversion is the goal. You would want someone to click on your content, visit your site, and will leave as a customer.

Optimization Tools

Many individuals are jumping into the business hoping to cash in and hit it big by promoting websites, products, services and other things on the Internet. Many try to use optimization tools to make the process of posting comments, articles, blogs and other methods that would improve your chances of generating good business with content marketing.

Search engine optimization and Internet marketing require a lot of hard work. Search engine developers are continually trying to improve their algorithms to prevent people from going behind their system and compromising the integrity of their search result. They are also very keen on banning any link if they see that it employs tools that would circumvent their set of rules regarding search results and keyword spamming. This is why you should always regulate the use of a search engine optimization tool. For example, if you are using a tool that would scan blogs and forums where you can post your comments, you can effectively use it to serve that said purpose, but once you employ the same tool to spin a certain comments and post it for you multiple times, you might end up with some incoherent and nonsensical comments that may put you in trouble. This is why you should be responsible and use these tools with caution.

Samples of Optimization Tools

There are several effective tools that can greatly help anyone in SEO. One example is Google Analytics. This tool is highly effective in analyzing how many people go to your site or click on your clicks. It provides you with a good set of statistics which you can use as a jumping board in coming up with your next plan on how to improve your posts and web content to gain more hits.

SEO Analyzer is another good reporting tool that will analyze your current SEO ranking. It will also provide you with some great suggestion on how to improve your rankings. Link Sleuth, on the other hand, is a tool which detects deadlinks, backlinks and other issues on your SEO content. This tool will provide you with a diagnosis and allows you to repair the issues on your content.

Google Adwords

The key to every successful marketing campaign is the use of keywords on your content that will optimize the content and improve your hits. You may try to figure out the keywords to use on your content but there is no guarantee that they are the same words that people would use in searching for a particular topic. This is why it is important to use a tool that will tell you which keywords to use and Google Adwords is just that tool. It will provide a good analysis of the possible keywords to make your content SEO friendly.

Backlinks Watch

Another important tool to have at your disposal is something that could analyze the quality of your backlinks on your content. It could check each backlink and make sure that they are generating hits and report any issues regarding them. Backlinks Watch is a good tool that could that for free. It checks the quality of the links and gives you other details like the anchor text, as well as other important information for SEO analysis.

SEO Powersuite

This is the utility belt for search engine optimization. It is composed of several tools that could provide a lot of information needed to effectively manage your website and improve it SEO-wise. It has website auditor that could assist you in creating your content and provides an analysis of other competitors in the same niche, as well as their content strategy.

Why Use Tools for Content Optimization?

In the world of content marketing, it is never enough that you have a good and well-designed website to succeed. The website will be useless if you do not rank well on search engines and therefore not get any traffic on your site. It is like buying the best dress for the prom and not wearing it at all. This is why a lot of companies that venture into the Internet hire other companies who are experts on search engine optimization. This process involves using keywords and other content that would allow a website to rank well and get hits. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford to hire others to do their work for them. The solution is to use the various SEO tools available online. These tools can produce great results, and there are a lot of advantages in using them.


The use of these tools for SEO is very cost effective. A lot of these tools are available for free and many are relatively cheap. This means that it could deliver the same job from hiring an SEO company at a lower cost. Furthermore, businesses can divert their resources into other means like hiring people to develop content for them base on the analysis that they will obtain from these tools for SEO

Saves Time

These search engine optimization tools also allow its users to save time. It automates a series of processes, therefore allowing it to be done faster and more efficiently. These tools also provide accurate analysis that allows website owners to get a glimpse of how their website is faring, compared to others and how effective their marketing strategy is. This allows the website owner to adjust his strategy if needed and adapt to the needs of the market.

Intelligent Processes

Another great advantage of these tools is that it allows a website owner to devise a plan based on real data. It takes away the trial and error part, as well as the guessing process in developing content that should work. These tools can provide data that would adequately describe your content and its performance. That way you can devise a plan that will allow you to provide content that will increase your search engine rankings. Some caution, however, should be taken in making all your processes automated. As previously mentioned, it is still important to manually proofread your content and have people create it for you instead of automatically spinning it. This could produce content that may have the keyword but have no sense in it.

Content Marketing Ideas for Effective Online Advertising

In essence, content marketing has always been with us from the start. The benefits of marketing through textual content for selling products and services cannot be denied. No matter what kind of business you’re in, it will involve some sort of content-marketing scheme one way or another, whether it’s a nonprofit, for-profit, B2C, or B2B type of enterprise.

Content Marketing Is a Fresh Reprieve from Traditional Advertising

1. Content marketing through your articles, blog entries, testimonials, customer reviews, forum content, and other platforms of communication with your target audience is much more effective than banner ads and video ads which, to be quite frank, are based on the billboards and commercials of yore of traditional advertising. People want something new. They view promotional ads like the above-mentioned examples as nothing more than background noise at this point.

2. Content marketing is the main method of selling that companies presently prefer because of its timing, mostly. Thanks to the Internet, words have never been more popular. It’s arguably the best time for this type of marketing in light of the large influx of online textual messages being spread across the Information Superhighway, particularly text that are user-generated (i.e. made by the very target audience you’re attempting to cater to). Content marketing comes in many forms, ranging from blog posts to comments to threads in bulletin boards.

3. The present ubiquitous nature of social media has also played a part in expanding the horizons of content-marketing. It is text-based and mostly user-generated (such that, for a change, your marketing can be done by your very target audience through electronic word of mouth). Previously, most companies could not afford the amount of exposure afforded by the Internet. Nowadays, you can see even non-business people get their fifteen minutes of fame through the Internet thanks to how widespread it is.

4. In terms of content marketing, you can bring forth your message through social media. You can have it “percolate” among the denizens of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and whatnot, only to see it virally spread across the Information Superhighway by itself if you were to play your cards right. It’s this power of spreading itself that makes content marketing a crucial part of your strategy. By including customer reviews and testimonials into your marketing, you can improve your chances of exposure by leaps and bounds.

5. The Internet allows people to have immediate access to important information in a snap. In other words, if you want yourself to matter in the Information Age, it’s imperative that you become a viable content provider, whether it’s through covering important news related to your industry, making informative articles, or making use of the discussions and user-generated content of your own consumer base to your marketing advantage. By establishing yourself as an authority in a particular subject, readers will come in droves.

6. Knowledge is power. This is especially apparent when it comes to the Internet. People are forever searching for content and information because it’s the main reason why the Internet exists. People are scouring for content through social media, websites, emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, and so forth, particularly sources that can be trusted and have high credibility. In other words, if you want your content marketing to work, you need to share valuable input about your industry in order to get valuable information about your customers via feedback.

7. Diligent research. Firstly, a marketer must be a diligent researcher for him or her to effectively prepare a material that would capture various audiences from all backgrounds. The Internet is open to people from all over so a strategy that worked for a certain location might not in another place. Before researching, make sure that you make a list of questions that will help you make better decisions about your strategy. Consider cultural backgrounds, demographics, trends, and core values. This way, it’ll be easier for you to gather data in an organized way.

8. Consistency is key. This is especially important when you are aiming for brand recognition. You need to maintain a solid and unwavering online presence. If you have a website, it is necessary that you set a schedule for when you will update it, or at least do it regularly. The themes that you would use should also be something that your audience can easily connect to what you are offering.

9. Deliver excellently. Good research and consistency will help you, but to finish well you need to make sure that you deliver your marketing excellently. Your delivery should be unique and creative. You can try and use wit or humor to attract customers. A light but impressive article or audio/video material could really do wonders in boosting your business. Try and make it a goal to make your reader smile or really laugh. Some add a character or a personality to their content to be more identifiable.

10. Act like an expert. You are done with your research, but you need to show some confidence when you are doing content marketing. This can give you an edge. You just need to use the information from your research effectively. We live at a time when consumers are making wiser, better informed choices. Let your consumers feel that you are giving them more value than other products. Make them think that you are really adept in the area that you are trying to promote. This way, you can gain the trust of your target market.

11. Promote, promote, and promote. Do you get the idea? There are plenty of ways to market something, and you can use your charm or persuasion skills for this. Start with those you have already built a relationship with. They can be your family, your friends, your neighbor, or someone that you just got acquainted with. Word of mouth promotion works wonders. Encourage these people to support you by helping you promote your material. Meaning, you need to make a deliberate effort to get noticed. You can also use various social media platforms or send out e-mails, but make sure you don’t look spammy. A catchy and powerful advertising strategy will it easy for your target market to remember your brand.

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Having a business plan is a necessary step to realizing a profit. Knowing what to do and where to go next is an advantage. The same goes for marketing. Before even executing any venture, you need to have a roadmap laid out. Having a business plan can help you organize your ideas and your actions so you can achieve your goal a lot faster and with less time and money spent. In formulating your business plan, a key factor is how you would proceed with your marketing. A good business without marketing will not be selling to its fullest potential.

Please your Customers

You must know how or what would be the best way to communicate with and serve your clients. This is because people not only come back for the sole purpose experiencing a good product again, but also because you served them well. A major selling point in hotels is the staff’s hospitality, speed of service and quality of accommodations. You would do well to adopt such manner in treating your clients online, too. Remember that you’re likely not the only company that’s offering your product or service. There must something unique that will make customers want to seek you ought or come back. Customer service is the answer. Online, this can be in the form of an easy-to-navigate website, user-friendly interface, responsive design, quality content, and quick response.

Stay Updated

Whatever business you are in, make sure you stay updated because industries evolve. Keep up with the trends of the market and watch out for any changes or price fluctuations. By holding fresh information, you place yourself at par with (if not ahead of) your competition. This also adds to your credibility. Read the news, attend industry seminars, take online and offline courses, attend networking events. There are plenty of ways to stay on the top of the information game. In the process of doing so, make sure that your customers are well aware of your efforts (perhaps, by blogging about it). This is one way of making sure that old customers stay with you. Remember, people stay when they feel you care.

Focus on Your Target

Your product or service will not be for everybody. You have to accept early on that you will have a specific set of buyers that will support you all the way. This is why you should lay low on trying to acquire new customers and balance your marketing efforts to also making sure the old ones stay loyal. Your product development and marketing efforts should be tailored to your target customers. If you plan on expanding your market, then give your primary targets extra treatment because they are the ones that are more likely to stay. Do not get distracted and do not make the mistake of going after too many targets and losing all of them in the process because you spread yourself too thin.

Know your Strengths

If you are venturing into many types of business, or a lot of products, focus on the one that you are most recognized for. In other words, focus on your strengths. If you have offered a certain product or service and had become popular because of it, always give it attention and vary your marketing strategies to always include it. If you have expanded to other offerings, remember to never lose sight of your core products and services. Always keep these in excellent quality and advertise it more than you will other products. This is to make sure that you stay on top of a certain product and not stray to an unchartered territory where you can get lost.


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