Backlinks: Why You Need Them Now More Than Ever Before

A backlink may be defined as a “link of your webpage on other webpages”. Here, it is not necessary that the site that is providing the backlink should have any obvious connection to your business at all.

Today, most businesses want backlinks to their sites that would refer them from other sites. Preferably the site that would be backlinking to yours should be both popular and highly authoritative as well. And moreover, there should be as many of them as possible so as to be able to obtain maximum mileage in terms of traffic. This holds particularly true for the conventional ‘brick and mortar’ store rather than a global chain of online retail outlets such as Amazon and Ali Express. This is because a local store has a target market defined by the geographical area in which it operates.

An important example would be that of an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed. Here, it is imperative that the directory should carry the relevant link to your website. Other rich and credible sources of backlinks include referrals on the website of a popular local chamber of commerce or for that matter, just about any other business development organization in a specific geographic area. However, for people to really trust these links, it is imperative that they have no obvious and direct links to the brick and mortar business’s own website itself.

Suck backlinks also play a pretty important role when it comes to ranking algorithms of the most powerful search engines around, such as Bing, Yahoo and the biggest of them all – Google itself.

In fact, most backlinks help in ensuring that your site climbs steadily up the rankings lists of these search engines. This is why it is quite useful to have as many backlinks from local resources as possible.

As a matter of fact, just about any backlink from a portal that is already well-established and the ‘go to’ index with reference to the local industry can really help in verifying a local store’s antecedents with regard to all the relevant information of the business, as far as the more commonly used search engines are concerned.

Such backlinks are even more important in businesses where the competition in a particular industry or service sector is not a significant feature in the operation of the business. Such businesses may include many local service providers such as cable repairmen, plumber’s electricians, masons, carpenters etc., who usually work alone and as such are more dependent on local backlinks than businesses that operate across different areas, states and even countries.
This is because having their links on the main Google site would be of little use since they may be able to snag visitors from all over the world when all they really offer is more of a highly-localized service that stands to gain no benefit from widespread SEO.

  • Why local backlinks are always very important for small businesses

For example, a search for a computer hardware repairing center in New York may lead to multiple entries taken directly from local information directories rather than the main pages of such sales and service outlets themselves, which may get lost in the clutter of literally millions of sites related to IT hardware related problems. This would mean that the prospective customers would not be able to access the services they need because the odds are they will not really show up on the first few pages of any search engine customers may be using.

Here, backlinks from local sites are all the more important since they are a clear proof to the fact that the business is part of that particular community which has in effect, been covered by the directory concerned.

This is because it is not easy or even productive for that matter, to fake credentials with regard to the local chamber of commerce and industry or gain access to a local town or city’s business index.

Similarly, having your business being featured in a prominent local blog or newspaper with links to your site is also a very important source of hits and can easily attract a lot of traffic from people who trust that particular news source.

Creating controversy to get into the news

Controversy sells and is also a great way of making people (including prospective clients) stand up and take notice of the desired product. By making controversial statements, it is easy to hog the limelight and ensure that many people are able to check out your products and services, courtesy the backlinks from news and reviews sites.

This way, any seemingly random search for a particular product can easily guide the user towards all such pages which would then be able to provide the desired information regarding the services and availability of the required product.

Apart from that, multiple links from all such websites can easily improve the rankings of any particular business, at least amongst local search engine listings where sites with such backlinks may be found.

  • Google My Business

Google also offers a tailor made service for business enterprises who want to work with the communities where they are geographically located. This way, anyone searching for say “a plumber in downtown Miami” will be instantly linked to the site’s location pin on both Google maps as well as on the main Google search engine we page.

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