5 Ways To Measure Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing is easy, practical and is effortlessly becoming the crowd favorite among marketers. Almost every business, whether big or small, has already ventured into digital marketing. With the rise of millennials as the dominant population in the market, it’s high time to get into the digital marketing trend. If you already have your very own digital marketing style and strategy implemented, below are five ways to measure its success.

Increased Conversions 

This success indicator is perhaps the most obvious among the rest. If you have a successful digital marketing strategy, it will most definitely show up in your conversion rates and figures. An increase in online sales, leads and sales from phone, chat or web forms are all indicators that your digital marketing is a success.

Online-To-Store Sales

If you have a physical store apart from your digital store, you can also measure digital marketing success when you have a significant online-to-store sales conversion. This is prevalent especially with local customers, who prefer to pick-up their orders or see the products personally.

A Boost In Website Behavior

If you noticed an increase in website visits, this may also be an indicator of digital marketing success. Admittedly, this may be considered as a shallow metric for success since not all web visits are converted to sales. However, it can be considered as an increase in terms of brand or product awareness.

Time Spent 

When visitors tend to linger on a website for a significant amount of time, it is definitely a good sign of digital marketing success. Why? It means they are interested in the content and are getting more engaged. However, just like a boost in website visits, an increase in time spent on the website does not necessarily mean an increase in sales. But the important thing is, you are getting the attention of your target market.

Low Bounce Rates

What is a bounce rate? It is when people almost instantly hit the back or return button when they reach your business landing page. This is definitely not a good sign because they are either not pleased with your page or they have only mistaken it for something else. Having low bounce rates means your page is interesting and relevant.



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