5 Link Building Tips Most SEO Experts Are Using In 2018

Digital marketers know for a fact that link building is crucial to success if you want to achieve organic rankings. To have a better standing in search engines, you need more backlinks.

In essence, link building is a culmination of a few different skills, including good old-fashioned marketing, psychology, programming, sales, and high-quality content. For search engines that crawl in the vastness of the Internet, links act like streets between pages. It’s how search engines find out which pages are related to each other and in what ways.

In 2018, link building is still critical. Building trust and authority remains a vital component in order to get recognized by search engines. Read on to find out link building tips that will boost your ranking this year.

Create Content That’s Worth Sharing

SEO experts call this “linkbait.” When your content is genuinely inspiring, full of information, entertaining, and engaging, it will inspiring natural linking and viral sharing. Create something that users would want to share right away just by seeing the title alone. But, of course, you’ll have to avoid falling into the clutches of clickbait articles. Aside from creating a click-worthy headline, make sure your content delivers, too.

If you create something that’s worth sharing, tech-savvy webmasters and bloggers would want to share it too, and they will do so through links. In turn, this will establish authority, trust, and rankings potential.

Build an Informative and Entertaining Blog

This link building and content strategy is so valuable that even Google engineers advice web marketers and business owners to do it. Blogs have the power to capture the attention of web users because of the need for fresh material on a regular basis. It also ignites engagement and conversation among users, and you also get the chance of earning links and listings from blog directories, blogrolls, and other blogs.

Partner Up With Your Customers

If you have already gained loyal customers or you’re working with partners regularly, get them to link you. You can create partnership badges and have your partners post it on their site, so that it links back to yours. It’s the same marketing concept used by a lot of brands and business across the globe. Think of it like giving out freebies such as bumper stickers, t-shirts, drink coasters, keychains, and the like. In the digital marketplace, links are the best way to accomplish the same thing.

Guest Post

Surely, you know a relevant blogger or two. Give them a shout out and show appreciation for their blog. Of course, make sure that what you’ve written is related to their expertise, and be very careful with those anchor texts. If you’re lucky, you may earn a targeted anchor text directed to your blog, too.

Keep a Lookout for Broken Links

Prospecting for broken links might be an old technique, but it still works in 2018. it’s a simple method, really. You scan through a popular blog and search for any possible broken link. If you find one, contact the blogger right away to inform them of the broken link situation. This is where you pitch in your blog post.

To scan for broken links, you can use tools like Check My Links. This software is incredible when it comes to scanning a page for broken links. Remember to only pitch articles related to the blog post. Be honest and offer your link as a quick for them.

Link building is an ongoing SEO process, whether you just newly launched a website or you’ve had it for quite a while now. The key is to avoid poor link building techniques for your site to be recognized by search engines effectively.


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