4 Best Practices For Providing Customer Service Online

The realm of customer service serves a wide facet of areas that one must be familiar with or else it will be really intimidating. Customer service may be face to face, online or via phone. Either way, it needs to be handled properly with accuracy, efficiency, finesse and levelheadedness. Below are the 4 best practices to provide online customer service.

Money Talks

Online customer service does not only involve complaints or queries — it also involves marketing and selling. There are also instances when customers get in touch with an online customer service representative to complain about a product only to end up purchasing several other products.

In that kind of situation, the customer service representative needs to be commended as he or she successfully turned a complaint to a sale. This kind of incident only shows that satisfied customers are indeed willing to shell out additional money and purchase extra items when they are satisfied with the customer service given to them.

The Seller-Buyer Relationship

The relationship between sellers and buyers is a very complex one. Sometimes, sellers may feel that they are walking on ice for their customers while there are also instances when customers end up buying things they actually do not want because they are simply intimidated by the seller. Nowadays, the focus on the seller-buyer relationship stands firmly on the way customer service is being given and handled.

Of Lip Service and Brand Ambassadors

Ever heard of lip service through social media? Ironic, right? Well, nowadays, more and more people are giving their reviews about products, restaurants, hotels, etc. via social media. Business owners need to be very careful in providing and handling online customer service because one false move and one customer’s problem might be all over social media.

It is very vital for a business to get happy and satisfied customers because it is the easiest and cheapest way to get brand ambassadors that have a great chance of posting their experiences on social media.

Empathy Always Wins

It is very important to instill in online customer service representatives the value of empathy. No matter how irate a customer is, putting oneself in his or her shoes will almost always guarantee that the problem will be resolved and the client will be pacified.



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